Earlier this week I met with an old friend who's the sales director of a research materials and services provider here in Malaysia. I've known her for a long time, approaching 10 years perhaps, back from when I was a research assistant in the faculty and later a PhD student.
I've met her many times over the years, but always as a student. The meeting earlier this week was slightly different. Not only was I meeting her for the first time as an academic staff, I was also introducing my new Masters student to her as well.
She was kind of surprised to hear that I was now a lecturer with my own grant and students, probably because she’s always known me as a student. And to be honest, it was a new experience for me as well. I had to remember during our meeting that I wasn’t just discussing my research needs with her, but I needed to ensure that my student learned the ropes as well. After all, meeting with sales reps and discussing research is a skill she will need to develop as a postgraduate.
I was once a student, and now I have students of my own. I guess this is the circle of (academic) life.
14th June 2024